Science Fiction is the seduction of the future without having to worry about the complications of the present

Join us in this marvelous conversation with Dr. Genevieve Bell, full-time anthropologist, and part-time futurist, as we explore ideas, technology and the futures we create.

In Part One, you can look forward to; how as a species we fear our own technological creations, how Science Fiction shapes our collective consciousness and one hell of a good duck story.

It was a privilege and a pleasure to speak with Genevieve, in fact so much of a pleasure that we had to divide our conversation into two parts so that you could enjoy it all.

You can connect with Genevieve @feraldata or check out her publications, Divining a Digital Future: Mess and Mythology in Ubiquitous Computing & “Resistance is Futile”: Reading Science Fiction Alongside Ubiquitous Computing (both co-authored with Paul Dourish).




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