While finding out your latest brain baby is a vitamin might be a bitter pill to swallow, like any unfavourable diagnosis it’s best to know early. Such was the case with a recent endeavour, I thought I’d share the tools that helped me learn quickly – and relatively painlessly – that my idea – Selfdi –  was not hot.

Check out these five amazing tools to help you find out if your idea has missed the mark.

  1. Survey Monkey – Thanks to Survey Monkey for just $100 I was able to get 106 targetted responses (costs more for more targeting)  with answers back in a few hours. I could embed material to give more context to my survey and that made the insights back from potential customers even richer. Show me a better way to get quant data FAST!
  2. Adobe Creative Cloud – Thank the heavens for Adobe Creative Cloud. Need to tweak a video or mock up a logo, as I did for this testing, too easy, download After Effects and InDesign and you are away. Probably not for everyone, but for $50 a month compared to what they used to charge for a single licence for a single product it is a steal.
  3. Upwork – There are a bunch of these services, freelancer is another, but I like Upwork for its great talent base, integrated app and nice user interface. What is better, remember those artefacts I mentioned I threw into the testing, for under $150 I got a promo video and artwork created. So early one morning, myself, an Israeli Graphic Designer and a Bolivian Animator made beautiful music together and for under $150 and in just half a day.
  4. Envato – The multi-sided marketplace for all sorts of digital product development templates, from HTML templates to animation – if you can think of it someone has built it and you can buy it here for probably about $50.
  5. Marvel App – Want an interactive prototype to bring your dreams to life before they are dashed (remember, failure is good for you), Marvel is your best friend. Super simple to use, multiple form factors, love it.

So next time you get that lightbulb itch, remember to check if it’s a vitamin or a pain killer. Fingers crossed for you, your idea is a painkiller, but if it isn’t at least you have only spent a couple of hundred dollars and you might end up the proud owner of a super cute animation that may come in handy some day.

Good Luck and Happy Testing.

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