In 2013 ABC Commercial Partnered with Samsung to produce Story Cloud an e-reader providing a new content home for the ABC’s expansive collection of Children’s picture books and a new way for families to make anytime story time.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted confidential information in this case study. The information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Samsung or ABC Commercial. 


My Role

Lead User Experience and Product Design for an android e-reader to be distributed on the Samsung App Store. The e-reader needed to include the capability for children to read and record their voices as they narrated stories. It also needed to meet the needs of book publishers who distribute their ebooks through the platform.


Platform Design

Story Cloud is a multi-sided marketplace where parents come to read stories with their children and purchase a library of books and where picture book publishers come to sell their books to parents.

Needs Analysis – The Two Faces.

I lead research with a variety of publishers including Harper Collins, Little Hare and Murdoch books to establish what their organizational needs are for the distribution platform. For example, What organizational or talent requirements on the part of the publisher are required to participate in the platform. If those are greater than the revenue returned selling through the platform then StoryCloud will be unsuccessful in securing content outside of ABC-owned content and in turn securing buyers.  My user research and subsequent design specifications were used in the publisher interface design.

Customer research with parents and their children was also conducted to inform the user experience.

Implementation Wireframes
I designed wireframes for the supporting web page and consumer-facing app interface.

UX design for the product including but not limited to the addition of services in response to analytics or further customer research such as search capability, integration of push notifications, payment system enhancement and other modification or launch MVP feature set.

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