Easy, delicious, cost effective and super nutritious. You should make this soup. Great in winter, that is when these vegetables are at their best. This soup is an anti-aging treatment in a bowl.

Servings: 6-8

Nutrition: Vitamin C for immune health and skin health. Anti-aging soup! Low Calorie, High Vitamin & Minerals.

Budget: Total Cost $30 per meal. Total per serve. $5


Whole Broccholi

Whole Cauliflower

Bunch of Parsley

8 Brussel Sprouts

2 Leeks chopped

1.5L Vegetable Stock or Water

250 grams Baby Spinach

What do you need?

A large pot, stock pot or cast iron I best. Something with a lid.

A stick blender. You can use other blenders but will be transferring it in batches which might be annoying a this produces a LOT of soup.

Storability: EXCELLENT. This will freeze for up to a month. But you will eat it before then.

One serving is so rich in Vitamin C, it is an anti-aging treatment in a bowl! You will feel so good eating this, you will make it over and over again.


In a large cast iron pot on a stove top, add a small amount of olive oil and and on a low heat add the leeks with a generous pinch of sea salt. Let the leeks sweat until they are soft and sweet smelling but not brown.

While the leaks are cooking, roughly chop up all the broccoli, cauliflower and remove the hard stalk ends of the Brussel sprouts and add to the pan. Add a little but of vegetable stock as needed if it looks like your veggies are at risk of browning.

Once all your vegetables are in add your stock and stir.

Cover and set a timer for 30 mins. Checking at about 15 mins, you want to ingredients to soften but not to lose too much of their flavour. Soft and bright coloured is the goal here.

One the vegetables are soft add the baby spinach and the parsley. Don’t be fully, shove it in. let it wilt for five minutes. Then take off the heat. Once the soup is cooled, blend with a stick blender.

Top with parsley and salt and pepper and a bit of olive oil. I also like to add a table spoon of coconut yoghurt.


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