This punchy read from Admiral William H. McRaven doesn’t waste words, makes you sit up taller as you read it, and cringe just a little as you hear about some of the gruelling experiences Navy Seals go through in the six weeks of SEAL training. From his experiences he synthesises the following lessons.

Here is the drill if you want to change your life, or maybe the world:

  1. Start the Day with a task completed
  2. Find someone to help you through life
  3. Respect everyone
  4. Know life is not fair and you will fail often
  5. Take calculated risks
  6. Step up when times are toughest
  7. Face down the Bullies
  8. Lift up the downtrodden
  9. Never, ever give up…

“If you do these things you can change your life for the better, and maybe the world.”

Admiral William H. McRaven

Highly recommended read.

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