sarahI’m an innovation hacker and human-centered design obsessed digital product person. I prefer to take real people problems, make an idea a light weight reality and test & learn, rather than trying to perfect it before you know if it is a painkiller or not. Everything revolves around the customer, their experience, and their needs.

I have extensive software development, UX/CX and service design experience. I derive great satisfaction from discovering which innovative ideas will deliver the greatest impact/revenue, and from accelerating customer centric change and transformation in companies I work for.

I’m a serial entrepreneur and a learning junkie. I’m my happiest when I am being challenged with something new and thinking strategically about where to apply it.

I am a servant leader and believe if I help my teams fulfill their ambitions then everyone wins and this has proved true.

One a personal note, I am a mum, a wife, a reluctant killer of herb gardens, a hobby coder and spend lots of time fantasising about building an off grid home.

I’m an ENTP if you are into that sort of thing.





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