Books: ‘Elon Musk: Telsa, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future.’

Swiped the page on the final chapter of Ashlee Vance’s ‘Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future’ and I am not sure what I think. While reading, I highlighted passages, going back through them, I’m no closer to having settled on an opinion. Usually opinions settle on me quickly and with force, I say, ‘ hated it,’ ‘loved it’. I am feeling the kind of unease

Selfdi: A Start-up Story.

As early as school, I was starting ventures – problem was, they were always too BIG. As a 16-year-old I wrote a detailed business plan for a casino, I projected revenues from tickets and beverages sold. My top billing performer was Madonna – undeterred by the absence of any reality – I would forecast that she would return multiple times and you can imagine the positive effect this had on

Sitting with Swans

I live on a lake. Australia is a wild and beautiful place – you only need to travel a few paces from her cities to appreciate how wild she is. Insects so large, you feel it would be improper not to invite them in for tea (or at least introduce yourself), and black swans. So I sit on my lake. Full of black swans. Before Australia was discovered, everyone in the

The Strongest Structure

Dr Jeffrey Tobias said, ‘big companies are trying to be small companies, and small companies are trying to be big companies.’ What does that mean? For large companies, they want speed, they want to realise return on investment sooner. For small companies, they want capital and amplification. When you think of a large enterprise, what do you think? Chances are you think: cumbersome process, evergreen politics, and most of all,

The Change Threshold

All great innovations are a significant improvement on something existing or something new, and they are appealing. Entrepreneurs and enterprises invest in understanding how to find that ‘something’ and how to mould it rapidly into a marketable product; service design, design sprints, ideation sessions, stretching, building, breaking, shaping, lean – it seems everyone is on the same quest to unlock the secret to the success of businesses like Tesla and